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me there are people in front of the house. and our house, you know what is going on? i came to see it what he found was me talking to had man. about the use of the cameras in the neighborhood. >> david lived here for three years and he and neighbors have cameras installed as part of a neighborhood co-op. >> signs posted along the entrance warn all, you're being watched. >> never will we allow a criminal to leave or injure our neighborhood undetected. >> he encouraged a blog to take action. thanks the cameras. some, you can see, others hidden. these images from neighborhood guard. they captured my photographer and me as we entered the neighborhood. the focus so clear, you can
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identify my facial features and weight and height. all of that is stored on a data base. those livingniwv+%-t give them  police if there is a crime. >> any time you can bring that almost into and for the investigation, it's valuable. >> the cameras work well in low, or no light. the neighbors aren't concerned about being watched. >> nobody is externally watching you us. we know who doesn't belong here. >> and police say that is key. knowing who does and does not belong can provide key information. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> people want action following a spike in violent crime. there are six murders in five days including four killings in a 24 hour period. one community activist is calling for the mayor to show
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more leadership in dealing with an under staffed police force and youth on the streets. >> this is kids just dying every day no. reason. so far it's 225 murders less than two years, too many kids. >> oakland has 640 officers on streets. that is 200 fewer than just four years ago. >> in san jose a store owner stopped an armed robber ask a bold way. police say she's lucky things turned out the way they did. wayne? >> there are two would be armed robbers and more brazen moves about a woman running that store behind us. it's a standoff that could have ended in tragedy that didn't. here is the police spokesman. >> they made demands for items within the store.
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>> two gunman entered the store this morning, and pounded on the counter expecting to make off with watches and jewelry who found a pistol leveled at them instead. this store owner didn't hit hundred. suspects ran outside to make their escape. police admit she had a constitutional rit to protect property but watch she'd held back. >> we don't recommend it. again, they were after material item that's can be replaced and again, our theer is that someone would have gotten hurt, injured and possibly died. >> owners would not, were not anxious to appear ons21ñ camera today. they did tell me there was video surveillance capturing everything. police indicate they now haven' tapes. they're hoping to identify
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suspects and make an arrest. >> thank you, wayne. investigators aren't yet sure what led to a holiday weekend collision killing four people. it happened on highway 50. the family coming home with the car veered into traffic. the crash killed his wife, and their 8-year-old son. the 10-year-old daughter ellie survived the crash.?yñ >> they've achieved a lot. she needs to know that. we're just trying to convey ta message. she's special. and the reason why is a positive reason. >> family tells us the family was an immigrant from china living&e the american dream. the family celebrated thanksgiving with extended
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family neeft bay. >> chp says traffic deaths up 37%, 44 fatalities on california roads between wednesday and sunday. that is up from 3 to deaths in 2011. chp says theerly half of the people killed in accidents were not wearing seat belts. this morning a thick blanket of smog. you can see drivers have limited visibility. it's slow traffic and delayed flights at sfo. now, what is in store for tomorrow. >> we'll look at areas of dense fog, again. that scene could get repeated again. we have fog around the coastline now. we have fog forming in novato. summer time fog coming in from
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the coast. valley fog dropped visibilities this morning. sfo down to 116th of a mile. this dense fog could be limited again. six in concord, seven in napa. we have several storms there is one, two and there is a third one that is down to this south that all three of the storms are due in later on this week. i'll have a look at rainfall coming up. >> thank you. an extended family in san francisco is back home tonight after being sent to the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning. turns out what caused them to fall ill wasn't what the family and first responders initially thought.
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>> as you know, they think of it as coming from faulty furnaces or car exhaust but there are other sources. this family story tonight is a reminder we all need to have a detector installed. there is confusion last night in this home. >> yes. it was. it was. everybody just right here. >> the holiday weekend came to an end when everyone if the home, 14 people, including a 9-year-old -- -month-old baby were taken to the hospital. some were complaining of feeling dizzy. turned out many had slight to moderate levels of carbon monoxide. they had an larm sounding when calling 911. firefighters say it was a smoke detector. >> all monitors came up negative. ourç!vñ thought is that there s
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probably a secondary source, maybe heavy smoking. >> yes. that smoking missed carbon monoxide. the family doesn't think that is the cause. >> they don't smoke in the house, really. there is grandma at home. >> firefighters and city health department checked throughout the family home. for any source but found nothing. their landlord instaled a detector today, everyone back home, feeling fine. >> did they check you out? >> that little boy and family had no trace of the poison. and keep in mind every home has to have a carbon monoxide detector.
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>> everyone is fine. thank you. >> still to come on abc 7 news, increased concern over bird strikes in bay area airports. and71ñ the possible solution someone want to take a shot at. >> fees generated from green house gas allowances and questions over where money is supposed to go. >> a
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a bird strike can bring
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down an airplane why another to kill birds necessary to prevent problems. abc 7 news is live from san jose international airport with the story. >> right. san francisco and oakland international airports already have aggressive programs to retus the threat of strikes. this airport has had 180 reported bird strikes since 2009. and it wants the same options as our airports to the north. latest strike happened just this month and involved a u.s. airways plane like this one. the.g, pilot declared an emergency after takeoff rs returning on one engine. >> i have her story. then, they do seem scared and that plane. >> the airport working with u.s. dent of agriculture to implement a hazard management
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program. it wants the city's okay and also get perm dwroigs use broom shots when needed. >> as a last measure, they will be permitted if this item passes to use guns on airports to take birds by lethal mean autos faa launched a crack down. and danville pilot landed his jet in the hudson river after a flock of geese destroyed both engines. the airport has large birds such as sea gulls and raptors as well as flocks of smaller birds that can cause problems. officials think they should have options. >> they know best case scenarios how to take least action to secure the most good. i've got to leave witness some. >> the city council is expected to approve the
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airport more aggressive approach to bird strikes. making sure passengers get in and out of the airport, safely. every year. and so we'i7/w÷ got to do everything we can. we can't ford to be wrong, not even once. 'z council votes tomorrow on whether to modify the code to allow a usda biologist and several trained airport operations personnel to fire weapons at this facility. >> thank you. >> state officials are staying optimistic the new program will generate hundreds of kblinls that legislatures hoped for. but analysis cut down the estimates generated just $55 million. it allows businesses to purr kas credits. they only generate $100 million. other problem is how money will be spent its not just
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general purpose rev few. by virtue of the way bills were written the proceeds have to be programs that further the goals of bb 32. >> by law, money cannot be used for anything other than pollution reduction programs. the state p.u.c. is considering a proposal to return revenue to california yu kilt tilt customers. >> democrat leelandy says he will run for secretary of state. yee made at announcement on hoiz twitter and facebook pages. deborah bohan will be turned out in 2014. he says he hopes to expand the online voter8[?ñ registration program into an online voting program. he began his career as a san francisco school board member in 1988.r$4k >> spencer is off tonight. >> several storms. >> yes. >> three storms coming our
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the third system developing here, we'll bring wide spread wind and rain. you can bet you're going to need umbrellas for a long stretch of time. rainfall will be heavy for morning commute on wednesday. gusty winds out of the south, 50s, 60 miles per hour along the coast. rain continues behind that system on wednesday. that is not it. there is another storm coming in friday night snoo saturday. wednesday through sunday, over
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12 inches north of the bay area six to eight inches in wettest locations. heading out towards east bay, looking at three inches around santa cruz area, we're looking at rainfall meaning flood watch has been posted wednesday through saturday. could see flooding covering the straight and delta northern san joaquin valley i won't be surprised ifpñpé this gets extended getting closer to storms. highs for thus, sprinkle as head of the system. upper 50s to low 60s into afternoon. and around the bay we're looking at temperatures to be into low to mid-60s so pretty comfortable in terms of numbers. accu-weather forecast increasing clouds tomorrow, then we're going see heavy rains.
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especially gusty winds on wednesday and thursday. more wet weather friday, saturday. sunday. not much of a break coming in. when you have wind and rain i won't be surprised if we do get trees and power lines knocked down. and of course, flooding concerns. >> members of the giants may have extra cash for holidays. a full share of the playoff money is $377,000. the team voted throughout the ÷ melky cabrerra qualify forward a full share. oakland a's playoff money came to $34,000 for a share. >> just ahead beating of geents
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san francisco general hospital is joining the list of those suing the los angeles
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donlers over the beating of giants fan brian stow. reporting the hospital is asking for $1.2 million to cover the cost of providing the expensive care. his family is suing the team for $50 million to cover his lifetime needs. stow was beaten by two people outside dodger stadium following the 2011 season opener against the giants. >> san jose city officials want input on the selection of a new chief. the first of four public meetings begins in just minutes at the community center. it's scheduled to run from 6:30 to 8:00 tonight. the new chief will replace chris moore, who is stepping down in january after two years on the9tgio job his ten you're has been mark bid a drop in staffing skputs a spike in violent crime. >> four rhode island police officers facing action for making five boys do push ups as punishment for damaging a mailbox.
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the officers spotted the boys in the car and made them do the push ups. the police chief called officers actions unacceptable saying they took the law into their own hands. he want8í:n them suspended. >> coming up, cabinet shuffle cocoa play out at the white house and new signs republicans could be backing down over hillary clinton's replacement. >> the fear of congress could sink holiday spending. >> plus, tab blets one of the hottest selling items on cyber monday. >> the news continues right after this.
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president obama now pondering cabinet reshove yol and republicans appear to be softening to one of the leading candidates to replace hillary clinton. abc 7 news joins with us a known bay area names. >> high on the list is finding
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replace manies for advisors that have given notice. the president has known secretary of treasury tim geithner and secretary of clr the door. leading candidate for clinton's job is un ambassador susan rice but republican senators vowed to fight if they got the nod. >> we'll do whatever isness troy block the nomination. >> after the election, the president fired back. >> when they go after the un ambassador, they think she's an easy target? then, they've got a problem with me. >> tonight senator mccain appears to be backing away. >> i think she deserves the opportunity to explain herself and her position. >> ambassador rice has not been nominated but the flak came after she told congress the benghazi attack was a spontaneous event. >> based on information is what they this began on was a spontaneous, not premeditated
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response to what transpired in cairo. >> lindsay gram is expressing doubts.)tkx today would not rye pete his vow to stand in rice's way. >> there will be questions about this discipline and others. >> the white house press secretary would not say if the president plans to nominate her. there is speculation that tim geithner's job will probably go to jack lu but there is talk of cheryl sandberg. she was chief of staff to larry summers and served on the president's job council. she serves on the walt disney board of directors and disney owns abc, as well as this tv station. with sandberg christina rover's name being flolted for the post. until two years ago the economist was chair of the council of economic advisors and google executive chairman is one more local name being mentioned in connection with
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the top job in treasury. leon pin yetta is planning on leaving his post. michelle fournoy would be the first woman in that job if she gets the job. one more bay area member of the cabinet to speculate about is steven chuf he steps down, former state controller steve wesley might northbound line. considered for a post in the president's first term. >> thank you.[)t >> a new report suggests current holiday spending spree could end if there is no tax deal by the end of the year, members have until january to work out an agreement with the president on what to do cuts. the white house says if taxes expire the u.s. could be sent back into a recession suggesting
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concerns -- americans could cut back on holiday spending in next no mo as well. this news sent stocks dropping. the reason it's not completed, democrats want to eliminate tax cuts for americans earning 250,000 tsdzs a year, republicans are against it. >> the world changed. >> i will violate the pledge for the gft country. only if democrats will do entitlement reform. >> there are no new meetings society up to the cut. >> billionaire warren buffet÷e g is again calling for higher taxes on the ultrarich and urging congress to compromise. he is urging support for a tax ñ million and $30 million and mocks idea investors would pull back if capitol gains taxes increase saying he's never seen that happen.
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any tax increase would be expensive for buffet. ed to be the world's third richest man. >> if early returns are an indication, online research firm says sales are up almost 26% compared to a year ago. another store expects shoppers to spend $5 billion today. small retailers offering deals on web sites and seeing results.5f97 >> 5%, last year, 10%, this year up to 20. we're probably 25% today, right now with today. >> that is good g.. >> yes. boy say it is good. yes. >> according to pay pal, clothing is the top purchase followed by jewelry and electronics. >> it's thin and shiny. this sld hn you'll have to be good to see one in the stocking.
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the craze is huge this holiday schblt not every chain is coming out a winner. >> the ipad and ipad mini. >> one in three people said they wanted a tab blet want to be next of seven. i attribute that to the wonderful job turning out a tab blet from $199. >> julie from tech says more than half say they want to buy some type of a tab blet. most as a gift but some, themselves. >> everyone seems to have one. now, i feel like boy like to have one, too. >> they may be hot item buzz there is one off to a lukewarm start. in spite of microsoft's most-valent marketing efforts. >> i can't figure out how to get to the home screen.
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>> microsoft surface running new windows rt system. another trafed it in a garbage can. >> the hardware is great. it's incred bhi well designed machine. >> he says the surface needs fine tuning and more apps. the store is missing staples like facebook and twitter, which might explain why oprah winfrey tweeted from the twitter app on an ipad. >> there is a chicken and egg issue. until there are windows devices out there there is no big invent sentive for april politic autos it's also expensive compared to nexus and kindel and they continue to soar through the holiday season. >> dow lost 42 points, nasdaq added 10 points. s and p 500 dropped nearly
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three points. facebook stock rose after a good word from a wall street analyst. the forecast that face book expectations over next 12-24 month autos a good start for the new wii-u video game console. the company says it sold 400,000 in the under the circumstances us during its first week of release, reports say they're hard to find. it ranges from 300ses today $350. apple asked courts to add six more products to its suit against sam surngs including against sam surngs ilñy galaxy . apple places smart phones and tablets and won a $1.5 billion verdict against samsung. >> plant that produces organic peanut butter products has been shut down. the fda found contamination at the new mexico facility. the agency sus sended
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operations at that plant today. it sells products to hundreds of stores including tjs. fda says 41 people in 20 states, mostly children, became sick after eating someone's -- sunland productses. done by super storm sandy is growing. the governor says the town reached $42 kbrinl. $32 million for repairs and resforation and $9 billion in preventative measures. kuomo says tax payers will seek disaster relief funds. >> still to come tonight at 6:00 a protest turns
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overseas now a surprise announcement in israel bay. one of the top politicians is calling it quits. uhud barrack announced he will not seek reelection in jachblt zbrortz to polls january to 2. he had served as israeli prime minister from 1999 until 2001. egyptian president indicated today is he not backing down from a series of wide sweeping decrees issued on thursday that give sweeping powers and grants in immunity. opponents accuse him of acting like a dictator.
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>> dairy farmers took anger over low milk prices to the streets today. farmers soaked police with milk outside of the european union headquarters today, farmers demanding higher prices for milk which is being sold at below production costs. farm ministers due to meet on webs. -- wednesday. >> just ahead tonight case of the exploding cable box. >> it's like a fire work going off. >> looking at damage and why
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an ohio judge jentsed a woman dubbed the cleaning fairy to probation. cleaned it and left a bill for
6:44 pm
$75 she told police she broke in because she want something owe do. >> i don't know if i'd complain. >> i know. a relaxing night turned into anything but that when her cable box exploded. >> i know. things didn't calm down until she called the sports. >> what happened was unusual. getting to the bottom of what happened proved difficult, too. >> yes, quite scary. >> that is how this woman feels two months after the box exploded. >> it was like fire works going off. startling me. i came out of my chair. >> she remembers her cat being on her lap. she heard a pop. the cat took off, running.
6:45 pm
>> it was in this area. just a flash from on the box. >> that is followed by a flash on the screen. >> no smoke. just tv flashing3f4ñ brightly. >> her tv was broken. announcing there had been an outage. two more days before comcast could send a technician. he connected a box to the spare sell vision promising her supervisorer would pay her a visit. >> i was distressed. i had the feeling they caused the problem. >> day played phone tag. she says the conversation was others proved just frustrating. she just wanted comcast to take responsible for the broken television. >> suddenly with a bang and a flash of the tv, i just sort
6:46 pm
of put two and two together and thought... the box caused this. >> so she called 7 on your side. caused by a power surge incident. it calls it extremely rare. two independent repair services agreed and could not offer an explanation for what might have happened. comcast ended up sending day a check for $290 through it's company to replace the tv. day used that money towards a set. >> i am pleased it's its much bigger than the one i've been watching for two months. >> this tv now comcast says it may never know the cause, it
6:47 pm
does recommend customers protect their television with a surge protector. >> yes. it's good advice for electronic autos yes. it is. >> getting another check on the forecast now. >> changing weather, right now looking at live doppler hd. we have fog out there. napa visibility dropped with the fog. so dense fog likely a concern in the morning. three storms, one two,, and three. in the pacific. these storms bringing a big change in weather beginning wednesday morning for the commute with wet and windy weather in the forecast. wet weather is not going to stop. it will continue throughout the weekend. so a flood watch has been issued for the straight and delta, lake county, sacramento valley, northern san jacquessy valley. three storms move through here, we're looking at debris flow possible. flooding likely this small streams and creeks locally.
6:48 pm
overflow into river bypassing. so watch out with winds picking up, on wednesday, wind advisory likely issued as well, tomorrow could see sprinkles, temperatures upper 50s to low 60s. and here is a look at the accu-weather forecast.ééds increasing clouds, it's going to be a wet, windy wednesday morning commute. periods of rain, heavy at times on thursday. north bay then, you'll notice still, going to be on the unsettled side throughout the so no major break coming. could be small breaks in there. >> thank you. >> the 4ers still have another season plus at candle stick park but they're giving fans a chance to say goodbye. the team launched a web site called faewell candle they can go on the greatest moments since the team moved there. voting ends december 21. we have a link to the site on abc 7 under see it on tv.
6:49 pm
the moments will be recognized throughout next season. 49ers scheduled to move in in 2014. >> so big question tonight which niner qb will be making memorable moments for the team this weekend. >> mike shumann
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you can stay connected 24-7 here is a look at top seven veries you'll find there right now. +e[t >> all right. larry beil off tonight so we have mike shulan in with use that is right. do you want to pray quarterback? >> anyone. >> okay. >> jim harbaugh what i call a dilemma. not a controversy. good hinge to have with two good quarterbacks but who should he start sunday? i like the fact harbaugh kept him out yesterday.
6:53 pm
he was clear. now, collin cappernick came in and did what he's supposed to do, put up w's in the win column. a stronger arm while alex is more comfortable in the offense. here is coach today on the dilemma. >> alex smith is our starting quarterback. he had not done anything to lose that job. >> he started and played well in games. we'll say that, that quarterback is probably wednesday. you know? in the biggest reason is that so our players aren't all pressured to who is it and everybody hammering them. >> this is the intent dividing
6:54 pm
a locker room. i've seen it happen. jim will be making one of the toughest choices on wednesday. stay tuned. bad news for niners lost kyle william was a torn acl. hate to see that happen. kendall hunter hurt on the play but no word yet on his status with brandon laying in wait. now raiders lost their fourth up 169 points scoring only 79. ben jar advice ran for 220 yards rushing. in offense without a run game, carson palmer is like a
6:55 pm
sitting duck. trying for a low 146 yards. coach allen trying to remain confident. >> somewhere in there, we've got to find that solution. we have got a best fogs make plays. we've got to do our job. that is what we intend to do. >> switching to college football. coach of the year for the second state season./h;ñ friday on the farm winner getting a berth in the rose bowl.h(ls it's tough to beat the same team twice in a row. there is more on the line.
6:56 pm
>> you know, our last game last time we're here, but we're back. so it's going to be a good environment. ready to play. >> san jose state is in bcs rankings for the first time. this sports report brought to you by mercedes-benz. >> it will be. >> you can see them on the side lines. >> collin doesn't get it. he knows he's a back up. >> thank you. >> join me tonight at 9:00 the entrepreneuruápñ best known for tesla now turning to real estate planning to build a small city. why it will cost a half million dollars just to get there. female touches in a car designed for women. auto maker claims kit help us
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fight the signs of aging. we'll have to tune in to find out. >> that is it for this edition. thanks for joining us. >> we'll see you back here tonight at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- an actor originally from oak park, illinois... a swim coach from rochester, minnesota... and our returning champion, a law student from san diego, california... and now here is the host of "jy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. welcome, ladies and gentlemen. happy and excited to be ableeopardend this half-hour in your company as we deal with answers and questions. beth and lucas are the newcomers. welcome aboard. good luck to all three of you. to spnow have to go to work in the first round -- the jeopardy! round. clues are worth from $200 to $1,000 in these categories.

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